Why Us?

Excellent customer service: Because we are a small business, we can take more care with our customers and build personal relationships

    More freedom with regards to design and product: Our focus is different from corporate printing houses. Instead of focusing on large runs and fast turnaround, we focus on efficiency and thoroughness, with emphasis on a creative approach to the printing process. We can thus offer the client more freedom with regard to design and product.

      More efficient and effective administration and production systems.

        Quality in-house silkscreen printing service: Silkscreen printing produces vibrant colours, available in a wide variety of inks and dyes. This type of printing is also very versatile, and can be applied on a wide variety of substrates, including paper, paperboard, plastics, fabrics, and many other materials. In spite of exposing the screen-printed fabrics to harsh conditions, the colours do not become weary and dull. Lastly, because the screens can be used again and again, it’s a cost effective method for large, quality print runs.