The Slashdogs will be tearing you a new one on the 22nd at Cantina Tequila in Linden with Vendetta Cartel, Cortina Whiplash and Pistol Whip 45 for the Launch “The Golden Tiki Tattoo Parlour”. DJ’s will include, DJ Bob, DJ Bad Ass, DJ Killer and DJ Absent, plus if you’re there early you’ll have the opportunity to taste the new “Golden Tiki Cocktail”(Not to be confused with the “Golden Lustig Shower”) .

We’ll be introducing a very special guest at this particular show and if you misbehave enough, we might just piss on ya. So bring your mama Vlad… We’d like to meet the woman that raised one of societies finest.

40 bucks gets you into both Cantina Tequila and Mama Tambas.

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